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Re: AMD64 Status Update -- And Future Directions

So from my perspective pure AMD64 is but a toy (a nice one I admit), whereas a biarch is something I could actually use at work to build
up compute nodes in addition to our Sun E6800 cluster.

This is the case for us as well. The nice thing about the architecture is that
i would make it possible to run a 64 bit system but still use the commercial
software ( CFD codes, Matlab, Maple, Fortran 90 compilers, etc) that we
can't be without. I guess this must be the case for many people in universitys
or comercial companies. It will take a long time before the things we need
are ported to AMD64. Some of it will be ported faster and could then be used
directly, thus make it possilble to use 64 bit versions as they emerge ! A very
attractive feature to us.

It would probebly take many years before we could use a pure 64 port but
if there where a multiarch port we could use it today.

Impressed with the fast paste John seem to get a working 64 bit system
I wish that I had the knowledge to helpout with the multiarch version :-)

Best Regards
Pär Ekstrand

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