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AMD64 Pure Autobuilder Running


I have bootstrapped enough of a pure 64-bit environment to run an

It is not yet enough to bootstrap it with cdebootstrap.  However, if
there is any interest, I can make a tar.bz2 of the chroot and post it

If you wish to monitor progress, see http://people.debian.org/~jgoerzen.

At this time, the following 108 packages are present:

  apt apt-utils bsdmainutils build-essential byacc bzip2 chrpath cpp-
  3.3 cracklib-runtime cracklib2 cracklib2-dev cron diff elvis-tiny
  expat fakeroot fastjar fixincludes flex flex-old g++-3.3 g77-3.3
  gcc-3.3 gcc-3.3-base gobjc-3.3 help2man ifupdown info less libapt-
  pkg-dev libbz2-1.0 libbz2-dev libc6 libc6-dbg libc6-dev libc6-pic
  libc6-prof libcap-bin libcap-dev libcap1 libdb2 libdb2-dbg libdb2-
  dev libdb2-util libdb3 libdb3++-dev libdb3++c102 libdb3-dev libdb3-
  tcl libdb3-util libexpat1 libexpat1-dev libffi2 libffi2-dev libg2c0
  libgcc1 libgdbm-dev libgdbm3 libgmp3 libgmp3-dev libident libident-
  dev libjpeg-progs libjpeg62 libjpeg62-dev liblocale-gettext-perl
  libobjc1 libpam-cracklib libpam-modules libpam0g libpam0g-dev
  libpaper-dev libpaper-utils libpaper1 libpng12-0 libpng12-dev
  libreadline4 libreadline4-dbg libreadline4-dev libstdc++5
  libstdc++5-3.3-dbg libstdc++5-3.3-dev libstdc++5-3.3-pic libtiff-
  tools libtiff3g libtiff3g-dev libwrap0 libwrap0-dev login m4 mpack
  net-tools netkit-inetd netkit-ping nscd nullmailer passwd protoize
  rlfe sharutils sudo tcl8.3 tcl8.3-dev tcl8.4 tcl8.4-dev tcpd texinfo

Expect this list to rapidly increase.

-- John

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