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Need libc help


I need a bit of assistance with libc.

I have this: a pure 64-bit environment, with a working gcc, dpkg-dev,
and libc, a mostly working libc-dev, and all the build-deps necessary to
build libc.

The libc-dev is missing all the .a files, which the alioth environment
failed to build (with the same error I get new).  I am using the sources
straight from sid; the package is called libc6 and libc6-dev and goes
into /lib.

I have two problems:
1. gconv-modules does not build
2. the .a files do not build

I don't know why these things are helping.  If anyone would like to
help, I can tar up the environment and give it to you.  You should be
able to chroot into there and look at things.

-- John

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