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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

> Plus, Goswin, in the long-run *multiarch* is the path of wasted time.
> If we are not going to want to waste our time, let us do a pure 64-bit
> userland, since eventually people will go there anyway, and multiarch
> will be deprecated on this platform.

It will be years until 32 bit support will not be needed anymore. A
lot of commercial or binary-only programs will allways need it.

> I know of one package in Debian right now that will not work on a 64-bit
> platform, and I know of no packages that we can expect to behave like
> that in the future.
> -- John

There is more than Debian out there, we haven't yet taken over the
world. It will be a long time till a substancial part of non-free and
contrib will be ported to amd64. And it will be far longer until
people stop using the i386 software they bought.

When people have the choice of installing debian and play
quake/doom/descent/civilization or install debian, setup a chroot
manually and play quake/doom/descent/civilization after hours of
fiddling around I think I know what they will choose.


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