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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 11:02:51AM -0500, Stephen Frost wrote:
> > (Incidentally, what about /usr/lib?)
> From my understanding it will be split into /usr/lib and /usr/lib64 as
> well.
> > Heck, by modifying autoconf and debhelper to dump libs at the right
> > spot, we'd probably get 90% of the packages right off the bat.
> Yeah, but that doesn't *actually* support 32bit programs, it just puts
> the files into the right place.  It gets much more interesting when you

I wasn't talking about supporting 32-bit programs at all; I was just
talking about building a pure 64-bit userland with the libs in the right
place.  This would make the a pure 64-bit userland work now, without
breaking compatibility for a future mixed userland.

> > One does not have to have permission to run an autobuilder; permission
> > is only needed if it will be part of the official build infrastructure.
> > As an example, I right now am running an unofficial autobuilder for the
> > netbsd-i386 port.  I grabbed the source for wanna-build, buildd, and
> > sbuild, and installed it on my box.  I'm putting my packages up on
> > people.debian.org, which has a big disk and fast connection.
> I thought you had to get permission (and config files changed on some
> system somewhere that has limited access...) to get hooked into
> wanna-build...  If I'm wrong, then I'm glad to hear it.

You do if you want to get hooked into the *official* wanna-build.
There's nothing stopping you from installing and running wanna-build on
your own system.  Which is what I used to do with Alpha, before there
was an official wanna-build, and what I do now with NetBSD-i386, which
is not yet an in-tree arch.

-- John

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