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Re: funding amd64

Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@raw.no> writes:

> * Falk Hueffner 
> | Dan Helfman <witten@debian.org> writes:
> | 
> | > Suppose that there is a company interested in funding some of the
> | > development of porting Debian to amd64, either in terms of paying
> | > developers or buying hardware or both, in an attempt to speed up the
> | > eventual release of a pure (or mostly) 64-bit amd64 Debian
> | > port. Would such a company's funds be well spent in this regard? Or
> | > will the amd64 port be done "when it's done," completely immune to
> | > hastening via outside financing?
> | 
> | As I see it, having more hardware would probably not have much effect,
> | we already have several machines.
> True, though it could help a little, at least for me, I'm unable to
> try to get d-i working since I don't have a local machine to test on.

Do you have something to test because I have the Opteron ment for D-I
testing here. Last test I made around X-Mas allways oopsed the kernel
when mounting the CD.

> | Paying somebody to do the work should be more effective, but it
> | might be hard to find somebody who is willing and able.
> I'm both willing and able (I think :), but I don't have the time at
> the moment.  Need to clean up a few bits of my life first.


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