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X86-64 Contingency plan!

After following this list for several months, and considering the current state
of development of CPU's both by AMD and Intel is their a contigency plan in place?
What I mean by that is some of the sites I follow are showing that Intel will
release a X86-64 CPU that could be compatible with AMD extensions.


I know that this is speculative but if it does happen what will happen to this port?
Will it be the basis for a X86-64 full port that supports both CPU's? Is this port ready
for the increase in demand from users that will want Debian to work on their CPU?
I know that these questions apply to Gnu/Linux in general, but in a way Debian is in
a unique position. I thought we might want to start thinking about what could come down
the pipe in a few months. I would hate to have us caught with our pants down.


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