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Re: A Radical Multi-Arch Counter-Proposal

"C. Scott Ananian" <cananian@lesser-magoo.csail.mit.edu> writes:

> On 24 Jan 2004, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> > > On amd64, we'd be asking about replacing each conffile twice. On mips,
> > > apparently three times.
> > 
> > Thats the price for biarch/treearch. But I realy don't thing its
> > happening at all. Libs should not have conffiles.
> note that, for upgrades to work properly, both abi versions must be
> upgraded at once [otherwise we'd have a new library version using an old
> conffile or vice-versa].  Since both upgrades are happening
> simultaneously, it shouldn't be *too* hard to recognize and elide the
> duplicated dialog.
> As part of the screaming mob, I think doing so is essential to make
> multiarch feel like a first-class port.
>   --scott

I'm against requireing both libs to be the same version. I don't
(yet?) see the neccessity for that.

Noone has yet pointed out a lib package with a conffile so lets stop
worrying about this.


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