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Re: Can't boot amd64 kernel

On Jan 5, 2004, at 12:24, Scott Ransom wrote:

I have a virtually identical system (except with 6GB RAM) and see the same
problem.  THe various kernel options haven't helped.

I found the problem with my system: Out of the 8 DIMMs, 3 were defective. Ouch.

The three happened to get mapped above 4GB so the 32-bit Debian kernel doesn't hit them.

I have been able to sucessfully boot earlier 32 bit kernels (prior to
about 2.4.20 I believe; for instance Knoppix works), but later ones and
the 2.6 series stop at the same place you see.

I haven't booted a 2.6 32-bit kernel. Personally, I plan to stay away from 2.6 for a while.

64 bit kernels (I'm now running 2.6.0) seem to boot fine, though.

64-bit isn't booting yet, it seems the aic79xx driver isn't happy in 2.4.23 on amd64 (panic, null pointer). 2.6.0 booted, but died early in rc.X (panic, illegal operation, I think)

2.4.23 (32-bit) from kernel.org doesn't work with the gigabit chipset on the board; it doesn't get a link no matter what.

2.4.23-1-k7-smp from Debian works, and now since I'm down three DIMMs (4, really, since they need to be paired) I only have 4GB of RAM anyway...

I plan to work on getting a 64-bit kernel to work. Just need to find a fixed aic79xx driver, I think. And maybe gige.

[ BTW: To test for the bad memory, I just wrote a program that wrote 1gb of pseudo-random data, read it back, and compared, one 32-bit int at a time. When it hit bad memory, I got a MCE. ]

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