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Re: Can't boot amd64 kernel

Try first with kernel parameters like nosmp, noapic and nolapic, they might help you identify the problem.

with 2.4.23-pre6-amd64-smp and ear protection[0]:

	nosmp: boots, unable to mount root (apparently, no adaptec u320 driver)
	noapic: hangs at initializing cpu #1
	nolapic: hangs at initializing cpu #1

Last few lines, copied by hand (from normal boot)
	CPU0: AMD Opeteron(tm) Processor 242 stepping 01
	per-CPU timeslice cutoff 5121.10 usecs.
	Booting processor 1/1 rip 6000 page 000001000c074000
	Initializing CPU#1
(and it sits there, for at least 5 minutes now)

The second CPU does work in 32-bit mode, with 2.4.23-1-k7-smp, for example.

[0] very important when working next to this machine. It is very, very loud.

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