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Re: Calling x86 code from 64-bit code

On Monday 15 December 2003 5:40 am, Xavier Roche wrote:
> Paul Brook wrote:
> > Not really. It can run both 32-bit and 64-bit processes under the
> > control of a 64-bit kernel. Linking 32-bit libraries into 64-bit apps
> > is for most practical purposes impossible.
> The rellocation process is not done? This is something that could be
> problematic Maybe there's a need for a "dlopen32" ?

It's more than just relocation that is neccessary.

> I don't think that function prelude/end should be adapted ; in fact
> except symbol issues, and address space handling, this should be feasible
> :)

It's the "address space handling" that is the main problem. Think of 
pointers inside structs.

In some limited situations it is possible to generate thunks which copy all 
the required data from the 64-bit address space into a 32-bit one. However 
this requires very carefully written code and extra annotations for the 


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