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Re: Proper recipe?

Kyle Rose <krose@krose.org> writes:

> Given the very recent appearance of somewhat complete amd64
> repositories, what is currently the best recipe for
> amd64-bootstrapping an existing Debian sarge or sid machine?  I am

Sid has several packages with newer versions than the alioth
repository. Since apt won't downgrade that can cause big problems,
esspecially since libc6 won't match lib64c6.

> personally running sid, happily-so in 32-bit mode, but I'd love to get
> the 64-bit toolchain on here so I can hack (what are hopefully few)
> 32-bit-only programs to work in the presence of 64-bit pointers.
> In particular, is it now possible for me to get the biarch gcc
> compiler (preferably 3.3.2) onto my machine without compiling it from
> the GNU source?

debootstrap a sarge chroot and create a sources.list with

deb http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/ sarge main
deb http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/ sid main

Sid won't be autoinstalled unless you change the pin or manually
select the specific version.

A few pointers:

perl needs the 64 bit version of libperl, bash needs the 64 bit
version of ncurses5. Both are missing depends.

You need the gcc wraper from the gcc-defaults package from sid. Check
versions with "apt-cache policy gcc" and then "apt-get install
gcc=version" to force sid.

I had problems with dpkg ....18 and downgraded one version.

Let us know how it goes so we can correct problems.


PS: I hope you already have a 64 bit kernel.

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