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Re: Future alioth archive layout and autobuilder

Hi, small update:

Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:

> Hi,
> after Arnd helped me yesterday resolving most problems and getting a
> working debian-amd64 changeroot (thanks again) I dreamed up some ideas
> for the alioth archive and autobuilder for amd64. I writing this down
> before the dream fades so to speak. Consider this a sketch.
> Archive Layout:
> incoming/sarge               - Upload dir for sarge, sources only.
> incoming/sarge-i386          - Upload dir for sarge i386, sources only.
> incoming/sid                 - Upload dir for sid, sources only.

incoming/sid is now active (whenever I feel like starting a run). You
can add sources (dsc, diff, tar) there and I will pick it up on the
next run.

On a successfull build its moved into
pool/main/<hash>/<package>/<package-version>/ with build log and
changes file. It's also added to the Sources and Packages files for

If it fails its moved into incoming/failed/ including the build tree
for further analysis.

> incoming/sid-i386            - Upload dir for sid i386, sources only.
> incoming/failed              - Build failures from the autobuilder
> dists/main/sarge/binary-i386 - Bare neccesseties to convert i386 to
>                                amd64. Assume stable-i386 is installed,
>                                contains kernel, libc, dpkg, apt
> d/m/sarge/binary-amd64       - Known working base + build-essential
>                                biarch system. Directly debootstrapable.
> d/m/sarge/d-i/binary-amd64   - Debian-installer udebs
> d/m/sarge/installer-amd64    - Installer images for cdrom, netboot and
>                                a chroot.tar.gz
> d/m/sarge/source             - Sources for sarge packages.

Those are the old archive versions. I haven't touched them yet.

> d/m/sid/binary-amd64         - Unstable area, everything new goes there.
> d/m/sid/d-i/binary-amd64     - Unstable Debian-Installer udebs
> d/m/sid/installer-amd64      - Unstable installer images
> d/m/sid/source               - Sources for sid packages.

This is handled the same as experimental for now. That means you have
to change your local pin or use "apt-get install foo=version" to
install packages, check with "apt-cache policy foo". Once I have
checked that nothing is horribly wrong with the debs in there I will
remove the "NotAutomatic: yes" from the Release file.

> pool                         - Actual debs and source files.
> doc                          - Readmes, Docs, FAQ
> archive/dists/main/sarge-r?  - Release snapshots of previous releases
> version-skews.txt            - Version differences between us and
>                                debian sarge/sid

> Autobuilder:
> There will be 4 autobuilders threads:
> sarge      - amd64 biarch with current sarge chroot
> sarge i386 - linux32 emulation with current sarge chroot
> sid        - amd64 biarch with current sid chroot
> sid i386   - linux32 emulation with current sid chroot

I only run the sid one for now whenever I feel like it. I prefer to
watch it not break anything for now. Automatism for all 4 will come
over time.


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