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Re: procedure?

Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
I managed to compile kernel using make-kpkg though it is not clean yet
but it does compile...

The problem before was that make-kpkg from kernel-package 8.038.biarch2
overrides GCC and CC variables in rules to explicit 'gcc-3.3 -m64',
which is fine in the most of the cases but to compile
Makefile there contains explicit -m32 with note:
# linux/arch/x86_64/boot/compressed/Makefile
# create a compressed vmlinux image from the original vmlinux
# Note all the files here are compiled/linked as 32bit executables.

so it must be linked in 32bit fasion and some modules must be compiled
in 32 bit fasion and I believe kernel source's Makefiles all take care
about that. So we shouldn't just override GCC and CC from outside with
-m64 but rather use something like gcc.bart which is clever enough to
don't override specified -m32 with -m64.

So I sugged to package g++ general package which will put some wrapper
like gcc.bart in place of standard gcc and g++ so in kernel-package we
will be able to don't hardcode -m64 in.

Ideas/Comments? Just don't keep silence


On RedHat/Mandrake systems, the compiler defaults to 64 bits (and generates 32 bit with -m32). The kernel (2.4.22) compiles just fine with it. Shouldn't we do the same ? It seems that there has been some discussions about that but I was not on the list. What is exactly the reason why gcc defaults to 32 bits on the debian ?

-- Antoine

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