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Re: amd64 and dpkg and so

* Xavier Roche <rocheml@httrack.com> [030828 03:01]:
> > These extra -amd64 packages could be kept in a separate apt archive 
> > initially, until proper testing can be done and a place found in the main 
> In fact, opteron boxes would use the standard x86 archive, PLUS additional 64-bit sources. Does this make sense?
> In that way, installing a debian on an opteron box could be done:
> - installing a regular x86 debian version
> - adding 64-bit opteron sources
> - migrating the kernel, and essential packages to 64-bit, installing 64-bit essential packages
> - smoothly migrating services (apache, ..) to 64-bit

This is pretty much the way it has to be done now.

When I install a new box I do:

 - sarge/i386
 - install 64bit kernel with --force-architecture
 - install 32/64-biarch toolchain 
		(patch ldd, because of a bug I am fixing right now :)
 - reboot
 - install 64bit capable dpkg + apt
 - modify sources.list 
		(because the ones that come with apt aren't right yet)
 - setup apt pinning
 - apt-get update 
 - apt-get upgrade

No apache yet :)


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