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System up and running (was: Sponsoring of Dual-Opteron)

The system is up and running.

It is called pergolesi.debian.org.  All registrated Debian developers
can already log in there.  It runs woody with a sid chroot available
via dchroot.

Holger Baust wrote:
> We have just received a System which we would give access to for
> developing an AMD64 port of Debian GNU/Linux.
> It's a Dual Opteron 1.4 GHz with 1 GB RAM and two 80 GB IDE Disks.
> The Mainboard is a Tyan S2880 Thunder K8S.

Thank you very much.

> Please let me know how Debian should be installed on this system and
> send me information about which people schould have access to it.

We've agreed on woody for the moment.  A new kernel would be required
to run the desired mixture of 32bit/64bit userland.



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