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RE: amd64 and dpkg and so

According to Bart at the OLS BOF, there are more Opteron machines available to Debian developers for remote access than developers to work on the port.  

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From: Mattias Wadenstein [mailto:maswan@acc.umu.se]
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Subject: Re: amd64 and dpkg and so

On Sun, 17 Aug 2003, Xavier Roche wrote:

> Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> > When it comes to machines, it's not like we have any lack of machines
> > currently. But it would be good to have one donated to the project, that
> > means I can stop pestering amd to lend it to me permanently for debian
> > porting work (currently it is just "well, some months and perhaps a couple
> > of months more"). :)
> Athlon-64 should be ready for september? Currently opteron processors
> are being sold in public hardware shops, but they are a bit expensive
> (approx. 350 euros for a opteron-240 and 300 euros for a single opteron
> motherboard - do the math for a 2-processor server. Quite cheap for a
> 2-proc server, but not cheap for a developper anyway :) )
> Even if AMD is not willing to DONATE hardware, might they sold cheap
> athlon-64/940 motherboards to debian?

Yes, but the point is that there exists development machines available for
DDs today to work on and from what tbm said there will be a real machine
donation to the project "rsn".

/Mattias Wadenstein

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