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Re: documentation

* Nate Iverson <inathan@bgnet.bgsu.edu> [030813 11:48]:
> I'm volunteering to start/ help with some documentation for the project.
> Any suggestions about content for a FAQ or Howto are welcome. If you've
> already done some work on this please contact me. I'd be more than happy
> to help out :-)

Thanks Nate.

In the HOWTO I would like to see:

- web references
  - software links (mirrors)
  - amd documentation
  - other docs
  - contributor sites
- how to install amd64 software
  - kernel only
  - biarch tool chain
  - dpkg & apt w/subarch support
  - how to setup apt to use amd64 and i386 sources
  - pinning packages
- how to rebuild a kernel
  - using ftp.kernel.org
  - using kernel-patch-amd64
    - adding other patches + custom configurations
- how to port a deb package to amd64
  - binary programs
  - libraries
  - biarch packages
- dpkg-* changes sub-arch support
- apt changes sub-arch support

In the FAQ I would like to see:

- architecture section
  - why is it better
- software organization
  - /lib vs /lib64
- ...


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