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Re: Package names & LSB spec

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On Tuesday 29 July 2003 20:10, marc.miller@amd.com wrote:

> This has changed.  According to Chapter 24 of the LSB spec for AMD64
> (http://www.linuxbase.org/spec/archLSB/AMD64/spec/swinstall.html), in order
> to be LSB compliant, your package names must specify the architecture as
> x86_64.

I don't think that is easily possible because of the dpkg naming rules.
In particular, I'm pretty sure that many tools, both official ones like
the buildd infrastructure as well as home-grown ones, assume that there
are exactly two '_' characters in the file name for a binary package.

Using "x86-64" or "x8664" as the architecture name sounds even less
useful since that would still be incompatible with LSB and also look
stupid (and "x86-64" probably breaks some other tools even if it should
conform to the debian policy).

However, the official format for LSB packages is rpm and Chapter 24 does
not even mention .deb packages, so I guest we can live with the different
name as long as 'alien' and 'rpm' in debian convert the names correctly.

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