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Re: Todo for building packages

* Mattias Wadenstein <maswan@acc.umu.se> [030711 15:45]:
> How about a small todo list of things to do before we can start building
> packages in greater numbers? I have been planning to put in some real
> effort during debcamp, that is starting tomorrow or sunday.

- we definitely need a dpkg fix for biarch packages; Adam Heath is
  working on something to support 36/64-bit packages.

- I think autobuild requires perl...  although we can probably run 32bit
  perl for autobuild's needs.

- Arnd Bergmann mentioned something about a gcc patch that generates
  output based on uname info.  Our current toolchain produces 32bit
  binaries by default.

- I am working on (or trying to find time to finish) the fakeroot fixes
  for biarch builds.  This is a minor point since we have a working
  biarch fakeroot (but it does not run the interal tests as part of
  dpkg-buildpackage -- which is what I am fixing).

After this weekend my next priority will be hack on dpkg so that it
allows you to install _i386.deb's and _amd64.deb's.  I don't expect this
to be used in the long term but it will get us going in the short term.
I am getting tired of typing in --force-architecture :)


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