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Re: Hardware donation

* Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org> [030611 16:21]:
> > 2) used for automated builds		(would require a lot more space)
> What size is a "modest" harddisk these days? 

First off, I would not ask you to spend a fortune on SCSI disks, for
what we need IDE is definitely enough.  The MSI boards currently come
with ATA/66 and no SCSI, IIRC.

I was thinking in the range of 160GB.  Although if possible I think we
would prefer multiple smaller disks in place of one large disk.  If we
had 4, say, 60G disks we could setup a raid5 and protect ourselves from
possible failures (that is what I run -- for whatever that's worth).

raid1 could be used for the 'scrap' space to give us a bit of extra
speed, especially useful with irqbonding and multiple IDE controllers.

> I just built myself an Athlon
> box and it has a 120GB (IDE) disk, at least 60GB should be standard with new
> boxes these days? 

> I can tell you all m68k buildds run with a lot less diskspace, between
> 4 and 10GB typically, maybe some have more. 

Definitely enough... we may need more space for the builds themselves and
keeping multiple revisions around... and of course working space for the
developers.  As you commented X is a pig when building :)

Anyway, I am not worried about what you are planing to setup...  I don't
think you can purchase a drive small enough to constrain us.

If possible, we could use a few smaller driver -- which may end up being
cheaper in the end as well.


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