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Re: 64-bit packaging details

marc.miller@amd.com wrote:
> Jeff, I believe it's in the LSB that 64-bit libraries should go in
> /lib64 (or maybe that's tradition; I'd have to look it up).

Neither.  This is the page you looking for.


Basically you get to pick.  The "native" architecture is /lib and the
alternative architecture is /lib<qualifier>.  Or both are
/lib<qualifier> and /lib is a symlink to the native one.

On x86-64 I would expect /lib to be the native architecture and /lib64
to be the alternative one.  (On ia64 /lib is native 64-bit.  My
expectation is that on ia64 that /libx86 would be the alternative
32-bit alternative format.  But this does not really exist yet there.)

> I definitely agree with you on dpkg; it needs to be taught that,
> much like in the Itanium world, the platform will run both 64-bit
> and 32-bit code.  Itanium just runs 32-bit code slower.  ;-) If dpkg
> already knows this for IA64, teaching it about AMD64 shouldn't be
> difficult.

You seem to misunderstand.  dpkg does not know this for ia64 either.
It is something that is wanted there too.  Currently Debian treats
ia64 like the Alpha, as a 64-bit only platform.  Of course it also has
the capability to run 32-bit applications as well.  But doing so with
Debian is an exercise left for the reader.


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