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RE: 64-bit packaging details

Jeff, I believe it's in the LSB that 64-bit libraries should go in /lib64 (or maybe that's tradition; I'd have to look it up).  An AMD64 system can be used to run and to develop 32-bit, "i386" code, so there will be some 32-bit support libraries in /lib.  So there will be a bit of a 32-bit and 64-bit mix.  

I definitely agree with you on dpkg; it needs to be taught that, much like in the Itanium world, the platform will run both 64-bit and 32-bit code.  Itanium just runs 32-bit code slower.  ;-)  If dpkg already knows this for IA64, teaching it about AMD64 shouldn't be difficult.

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As far as I can tell the questions in this thread were never resolved:


Are the packages going to be in an amd64 arch, with the main system
installed as i386 and amd64 packages allowed?  And all 64-bit libs are
definitely going in /lib64?  

Doesn't that seem kind of hokey for a pure 64-bit installation?  On
Alpha (a 64-bit-only arch) you don't have /lib64, just /lib.

In either case, it seems like dpkg is the first order of business, if we
have to teach it that it can install amd64 as well as i386.


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