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Re: Booting Debian in qemu-system-alpha

On 1/27/20 8:47 AM, Philippe Mathieu-Daudé wrote:
>> I'm considering setting up two qemu-based buildds for alpha in the cloud now.
> Nice!
> Looking at cloud provider default plans, and problems with buildd on other archs
> (mipsel in particular) I recommend you to use at least 2GB instead of 512MB.

Sure. I have two free cloud VMs which I will use for the alpha buildds. We're
already using qemu for builds in Debian.

For m68k and sh4, we're using qemu-user which helped discovering a lot of bugs,
especially with qemu-user. Currently, we can't use qemu-system on m68k and sh4
since the system memory is limited there to 1 GiB and 64 MiB, although the latter
is a limitation by qemu as far as I know.

For riscv64, most buildds in Debian and build workers in openSUSE are based on
qemu-system as cheap riscv64 hardware is still very hard to come by.


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