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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-11-22

Hi Bob!

On 11/25/19 1:40 PM, Bob Tracy wrote:
> I downloaded the Debian source for "guile-2.0_2.0.13+1-5.3" and successfully
> built the binary packages on my PWS-433au without having to modify anything.
> My guess is some kind of toolchain or other build environment issue on
> the "buildd" servers.

What build environment did you use? Were you on the latest version of gcc-9
and binutils? Was the default compiler gcc-9 or anything lower?

> Michael -- I've got the following ".deb" packages available, and you're
> welcome to them if they would be of any help getting us unstuck:
> 	guile-2.0_2.0.13+1-5.3_alpha.deb
> 	guile-2.0-libs_2.0.13+1-5.3_alpha.deb
> 	guile-2.0-dev_2.0.13+1-5.3_alpha.deb
> 	guile-2.0-libs-dbgsym_2.0.13+1-5.3_alpha.deb
> 	guile-2.0-doc_2.0.13+1-5.3_all.deb
> Just need a place to upload them where you can get to them, or I could
> send them as e-mail attachments if all else fails: the "libs" package is
> the largest at 2,262,128 bytes.

In order to be able to use them, you need the .changes and .buildinfo files
as well. And the build must not include the all.deb package, only the
architecture-dependent packages.


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