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RE: systemd woes continue

Many thanks to all who have been putting effort into this issue.

I plan to download the lasted build and try booting my AlphaStations again.

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Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 7:27 AM
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Subject: Re: systemd woes continue

Hi Bob!

On 9/17/19 4:38 AM, Bob Tracy wrote:
> Verified.  Life is now better, if not good :-).  This is the first time
> I've been able to accomplish an "almost clean" boot of my Alpha in MANY
> months.

Great. Thanks for confirming.

> I say "almost clean", because a recent update managed to break my
> resolver configuration: "/etc/resolv.conf" came up completely empty, in
> spite of "/etc/network/interfaces" having the requisite
> "dns-nameservers" and "dns-search" lines for my primary interface (eth0).
> The "resolvconf" package is definitely installed, but I'm guessing some
> new interaction between "systemd", "NetworkManager", and possibly
> "resolvconf" is, er, ah, unfortunate.

Unless you actively enabled systemd-networkd/systemd-resolveconfd, they
don't become active on their own. And NetworkManager is not related to

I do recommend setting up systemd-networkd/systemd-resolveconfd for headless
machines though as it makes network configuration rather painless.


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