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Re: systemd woes continue

Hi Bob!

On 9/17/19 4:38 AM, Bob Tracy wrote:
Verified.  Life is now better, if not good :-).  This is the first time
I've been able to accomplish an "almost clean" boot of my Alpha in MANY

Great. Thanks for confirming.

I say "almost clean", because a recent update managed to break my
resolver configuration: "/etc/resolv.conf" came up completely empty, in
spite of "/etc/network/interfaces" having the requisite
"dns-nameservers" and "dns-search" lines for my primary interface (eth0).
The "resolvconf" package is definitely installed, but I'm guessing some
new interaction between "systemd", "NetworkManager", and possibly
"resolvconf" is, er, ah, unfortunate.

Unless you actively enabled systemd-networkd/systemd-resolveconfd, they
don't become active on their own. And NetworkManager is not related to

I do recommend setting up systemd-networkd/systemd-resolveconfd for headless
machines though as it makes network configuration rather painless.


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