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Re: Bug#920353: debian-installer configuration on alpha (and others)

Hi JH!

On 1/28/19 9:41 PM, jhcha54008 wrote:
> As you note, including debian-ports-archive-keyring-udeb and
> setting DEBIAN_RELEASE = unstable benefits to all ports architecture.

Yes, I know. I have therefore made your suggested change to all Debian
Ports architectures, not just alpha.

> Including pata-modules-${kernel:Version} is alpha-specific instead
> ('qemu-system-alpha-specific' in fact).

I did not see this particular change, I must have missed it. Was
it part of the patches you sent?

> At runtime, choose-mirror-bin checks the availability of 
> the selected mirror and of the required 'suite' on it. 
> The suite is taken from the file /etc/default-release 
> (if not preseeded in debconf variable 'mirror/suite').
> At build time, the content of the variable DEBIAN_RELEASE
> is written into /etc/default-release.
> Unfortunately, the cd images from 2019-01-25 have 'buster'
> in /etc/default-release.

Good catch. Thanks for digging this up. I have not (yet) taken
the time to look into how choose-mirror works in detail.

I do hope that at some point we can get a mirror selection
list for Debian Ports like we have for the release architectures
as a lot of users seem to have trouble finding the correct
mirrors for Debian Ports.

> Actually I tested with a (home made) netboot image in qemu
> emulation. I wasn't able to test the cd images with qemu-system-alpha 
> precisely because of the missing cdrom driver in initrd.gz :
> it boots but cannot mount the cdrom image afterwards.

Ah, I didn't know. If that's a problem, then I can push the
change to debian-installer to include this package. I will
also build updates installation images with this change.

> Sorry for this late reply, and thank you for your work on the
> ports architectures !

You're welcome. And thanks your help as well!


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