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Re: [Stretch] Status for architecture qualification

On 14 June 2016 at 20:22,  <alexmcwhirter@triadic.us> wrote:
> On 2016-06-14 03:06, Philipp Kern wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 07:33:56PM +0000, Niels Thykier wrote:
>>> Philipp Kern:
>>> > On 2016-06-05 12:01, Niels Thykier wrote:
>>> >>  * amd64, i386, armel, armhf, arm64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, ppc64el,
>>> >>    s390x
>>> >>    - *No* blockers at this time from RT, DSA nor security.
>>> >>    - s390, ppc64el and all arm ports have DSA concerns.
>>> > What is the current DSA concern about s390x?
>>> The concern listed as: "rely on sponsors for hardware (mild concern)"
>>> As I recall the argument went something along the lines of:
>>> "Debian cannot replace the hardware; if any of the machines dies, we
>>> need a sponsor to replace it.  If all of them dies and we cannot get
>>> sponsored replacements, we cannot support the architecture any longer"
>>> (My wording)
>> Yeah, but that's unfortunately one of the universal truths of this port.
>> I mean in theory sometimes they turn up on eBay and people try to make
>> them work[1].
>> It also seems true for other ports where we commonly relied on sponsors
>> to hand us replacements. But maybe it's only ppc64el these days, maybe
>> there are useful builds available for the others (including arm64 and
>> mips) on the market now.
>> Kind regards and thanks
>> Philipp Kern
>> [1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45X4VP8CGtk
>>     (Here's What Happens When an 18 Year Old Buys a Mainframe)
> Fun story, i had a client who was considering getting their hands on a Z9,
> they asked me a few others to go with them to see IBM present a demo of it.
> Long story short the IBM guys started a job and literally started pulling
> CPU and Mem boards out of the machine mid job. The error log on the OS/2
> maintenance laptop was going crazy, but the OS kept running the job.
> In other words, i don't think a s390x box will ever just die. Really
> interesting machines to say the least, hopefully one day i will get to play
> with one. The other issues with s390x is that  in most cases you don't buy
> them. You essentially lease the CPU usage and IBM charges you based on how
> much CPU usage you've consumed over a given time. It makes me wonder how
> they ever get on eBay. IBM typically takes them back after you stop paying
> for it.

In the talk he did say that for that acient machine he was offered
subscription to the upgraded z/OS for some small amount of dollars a

There is openmainframe project https://www.openmainframeproject.org/ ,
which I believe offers access to z/VM instances hosted by Marist

At the openmainframeproject EU meetup, it was indicated that SUSE
joined with indication that Open Build Service might be able to use
resources hosted by Marist.

I wonder if it makes sense to reach out, and see if there are
resources available to use as porter boxes & build boxes. That way
Debian might be able to get such donated resource available on ongoing
basis and hopefully with some hw support.



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