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Re: [Stretch] Status for architecture qualification

Philipp Kern:
> On 2016-06-05 12:01, Niels Thykier wrote:
>>  * amd64, i386, armel, armhf, arm64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, ppc64el,
>>    s390x
>>    - *No* blockers at this time from RT, DSA nor security.
>>    - s390, ppc64el and all arm ports have DSA concerns.
> What is the current DSA concern about s390x?
> Kind regards and thanks
> Philipp Kern

The concern listed as: "rely on sponsors for hardware (mild concern)"

As I recall the argument went something along the lines of:

"Debian cannot replace the hardware; if any of the machines dies, we
need a sponsor to replace it.  If all of them dies and we cannot get
sponsored replacements, we cannot support the architecture any longer"

(My wording)


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