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Re: [Stretch] Status for architecture qualification

On 06/14/2016 09:06 AM, Philipp Kern wrote:
> Yeah, but that's unfortunately one of the universal truths of this port.
> I mean in theory sometimes they turn up on eBay and people try to make
> them work[1].

Hilarious talk, thanks a lot for the link :).

> It also seems true for other ports where we commonly relied on sponsors
> to hand us replacements. But maybe it's only ppc64el these days, maybe
> there are useful builds available for the others (including arm64 and
> mips) on the market now.

The hardware sponsoring is the main thing that keeps us from making sparc64
an official port, I would say.

The state of the port itself is great: We recently even got LibreOffice running
on sparc64 (patches not yet merged) and the port is quite popular, according
to popcon, sparc64 has already more users than arm64 and some of the mips
ports :). If we were to add sparc64 to Debian, we could rebuild the archive
within a few weeks.

We have one user who has two Sun T2 servers which are new-in-box (NIB),
would those be ok to set up as machines for DSA?


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