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Re: java 1.7on AlphaServer

On Wed, Jun 04, 2014 at 11:21:42AM +0300, maed@ukr.net wrote:
> I bout the AlphaServer DS25 about year ago (like big-and-heavy hardware :) ). 


> I successfully installed Debian 5.0.10 (the latest Debian for alphas?)

Debian Alpha remains at Debian-Ports if you want a more up to date
version.  I doubt it will be very easy to upgrade from 5.0.10
though!  Might be better to do a new install, and for that you will
need to use debootstrap as there is no installer CD.

> but installing openjdk7 seems to be a problem. 
> There is a rather new port (package) called "openjdk-7-jre" witch
> seems to support alpha systems
> ( https://packages.debian.org/sid/java/openjdk-7-jre ),

Um, that's the newest version for current Sid and would probably be
disastrous to install into 5.0.10.    Maybe that's your problem?

If you want to run that version of openjdk I recommend 
upgrading/reinstalling your Alpha with Sid as provided on Debian-Ports.

> Anyone have the openjdk7 running on alphas? 

It's running fine on the build daemons.  Well, that's as long as one
is not running an SMP kernel as java/javac occasionally locks up when
run under an SMP kernel. (I suspect a bug in the pthread library.)

> If yes, than what version of Debian?

The build daemons run it on the latest bleeding edge Debian Sid.

Instructions to install an Alpha from Debian-Ports was at the
alpha-linux.org wiki but unfortunately that was all lost when a disk
crapped itself and the operator had no backups :-(

If people shout out for instructions I could probably resurrect them.


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