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Re: Bug#730258: please add arch-specific BTS tags

On 24/11/2013 02:45, Robert Millan wrote:
> On 23/11/2013 22:53, Don Armstrong wrote:
>> kfreebsd-amd64
>> kfreebsd-i386
> Most of the bugs affecting one of these also affect the other. I think
> it makes sense to add a single tag to cover both.

FWIW, I think dpkg resolved this quite nicely by splitting the
architecture in two:

$ head -n 99999 ostable cputable | grep -v "^#"
==> ostable <==
uclibceabi-linux        linux-uclibceabi        linux[^-]*-uclibceabi
uclibc-linux            linux-uclibc            linux[^-]*-uclibc
gnueabihf-linux         linux-gnueabihf         linux[^-]*-gnueabihf
gnueabi-linux           linux-gnueabi           linux[^-]*-gnueabi
gnuspe-linux            linux-gnuspe            linux[^-]*-gnuspe
gnux32-linux            linux-gnux32            linux[^-]*-gnux32
gnulp-linux             linux-gnulp             linux[^-]*-gnulp
gnu-linux               linux-gnu               linux[^-]*(-gnu.*)?
gnu-kfreebsd            kfreebsd-gnu            kfreebsd[^-]*(-gnu.*)?
gnu-knetbsd             knetbsd-gnu             knetbsd[^-]*(-gnu.*)?
gnu-kopensolaris        kopensolaris-gnu        kopensolaris[^-]*(-gnu.*)?
gnu-hurd                gnu                     gnu[^-]*
bsd-darwin              darwin                  darwin[^-]*
bsd-freebsd             freebsd                 freebsd[^-]*
bsd-netbsd              netbsd                  netbsd[^-]*
bsd-openbsd             openbsd                 openbsd[^-]*
sysv-solaris            solaris                 solaris[^-]*
uclibceabi-uclinux      uclinux-uclibceabi      uclinux[^-]*-uclibceabi
uclibc-uclinux          uclinux-uclibc          uclinux[^-]*(-uclibc.*)?
tos-mint                mint                    mint[^-]*

==> cputable <==
i386            i486            (i[3456]86|pentium)     32      little
ia64            ia64            ia64                    64      little
alpha           alpha           alpha.*                 64      little
amd64           x86_64          x86_64                  64      little
armeb           armeb           arm.*b                  32      big
arm             arm             arm.*                   32      little
arm64           aarch64         aarch64                 64      little
avr32           avr32           avr32                   32      big
hppa            hppa            hppa.*                  32      big
m32r            m32r            m32r                    32      big
m68k            m68k            m68k                    32      big
mips            mips            mips(eb)?               32      big
mipsel          mipsel          mipsel                  32      little
powerpc         powerpc         (powerpc|ppc)           32      big
ppc64           powerpc64       (powerpc|ppc)64         64      big
s390            s390            s390                    32      big
s390x           s390x           s390x                   64      big
sh3             sh3             sh3                     32      little
sh3eb           sh3eb           sh3eb                   32      big
sh4             sh4             sh4                     32      little
sh4eb           sh4eb           sh4eb                   32      big
sparc           sparc           sparc                   32      big
sparc64         sparc64         sparc64                 64      big


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