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Re: Potential issues for most ports

On 2013-11-03 15:49, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Niels Thykier dixit:
>> [...]
>> Until we have a clear definition of "actively maintained ports", I would
>> recommend porters to err on the side of being verbose over being silent.
> I’ve held off on the m68k side because I think the role call was only
> for architectures in the main archive, right?

Yes, we are only talking about architectures in the main architecture.

>> [1] Nothing official yet, but gcc-4.6 (and earlier) /might/ not be
>> acceptable as a default for Jessie.
> Didn't Doko say he’d want 4.8? We (on the m68k side) are putting
> effort into that one, since 4.7 appears to only be used by eglibc
> right now. And 4.6 for GNAT, but gnat-4.8 is new, and the ICE may
> be fixed as there’s active upstream on the GCC/m68k side.
> bye,
> //mirabilos

I am not entirely up to speed on what he wants; I am still waiting for
him to get back to me (see [1]).


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2013/10/msg00710.html

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