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Re: Potential issues for most ports (Was: Re: Bits from the Release Team (Jessie freeze info))

Niels Thykier dixit:

>Then there are more concrete things like ruby's test suite seg. faulting
>on ia64 (#593141), ld seg. faulting with --as-needed on ia64

And only statically linked klibc-compiled executables work on IA64,
not dynamically linked ones. I’ve looked into it, but Itanic is so
massively foreign I didn’t manage to find out anything except that
the problem appears to happen before main.

>Until we have a clear definition of "actively maintained ports", I would
>recommend porters to err on the side of being verbose over being silent.

I’ve held off on the m68k side because I think the role call was only
for architectures in the main archive, right?

>[1] Nothing official yet, but gcc-4.6 (and earlier) /might/ not be
>acceptable as a default for Jessie.

Didn't Doko say he’d want 4.8? We (on the m68k side) are putting
effort into that one, since 4.7 appears to only be used by eglibc
right now. And 4.6 for GNAT, but gnat-4.8 is new, and the ICE may
be fixed as there’s active upstream on the GCC/m68k side.

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