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Re: gdm deprecated?

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 08:29:05PM +1200, Michael Cree wrote:
> I have just installed the cinnamon desktop to try it out and it pulled in
> gnome-settings-daemon and, guess what, the bug is still there.  It still
> crashes.  I remember this bug: it crashes when trying to load a plugin.
> I saw it two or three years ago, but never really resolved it. G-s-d came
> right about the time we got some optimisation bugs fixed in the C-compiler
> so I had thought it was probably due to the bad gcc-4.4 compiler.  Hmmm,
> maybe I thought wrong...
> I have just checked the bug reports list for g-s-d and I am quite
> astonished by the large number of crash/segfault bug reports against it.
> I have no plans to investigate the g-s-d crash any further.  It is up to
> someone else if they want Gnome to run on Alpha.

Thanks for the followup...  I don't remember as many of the details as
you do, but I *do* recall there were good reasons to move off Gnome.

KDE4 is mostly functional, although I *do* miss having a working software
update widgit.  Can't remember the last time I used "synaptic" or similar
by clicking on an "updates are available" notifier icon.  Granted, that
would be an extremely reckless thing to do with "sid": "apt-get upgrade"
does a safe upgrade (no package removals) by default, and then one can
pick through the packages that didn't upgrade automatically with
"apt-get install" to see which ones have "sensible" upgrades, i.e., ones
that don't result in half your system getting uninstalled due to missing-
but-will-probably-be-provided-soon package upgrades :-).

Yes, the "missing" software update widgit is mostly due to my laziness
in not determining which direction Debian went.  For all I know, we
adopted "Muon" or "Apper" when I wasn't paying attention.  I don't use
the graphical desktop all that often these days, mostly because KDE4 is
such a resource hog.  You may remember from a few years back me having
to max out the RAM on my PWS-433au just to even allow the elephant to

Unrelated to anything and of no presumed interest to Alpha owners, I got
bored and patched ndiswrapper-1.58 to work with the 3.10.0 (and later?)
kernel(s).  The new procfs API that has evidently been available since
2.6.??? was finally forced on us in 3.10.0, which meant all of the proc-
specific code had to be rewritten.  No, I didn't simply stub-out all the
proc routines (as one driver maintainer did in the 3.10.0-rc1 patch :-)).


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