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Re: gdm deprecated?

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 12:05:46PM -0500, Bob Tracy wrote:
> I've reached an impasse as far as being able to apply further updates to
> my Debian unstable system.  Not sure if there are any updates planned
> for "gdm3", but all of the pending (held back) gnome updates seem to
> require removal of "gdm3".

According to:


gdm3 has not been buildable on Alpha for more than 39 days because its build
dependencies are not satisfied.

But was gdm3 even working for you?  It was crashing last year and I filed
a bug report but I was not aware of it being fixed.  I eventually
completely removed gnome from all my systems because I am not overly
impressed with the new gnome, it pulls in network-manager and pulseaudio,
two pieces of crap I absolutely do not want on my systems, and I am
unimpressed with the attitude of the gnome developers.

But going back to getting gdm3 built there are three bugs that are seriously
holding up Alpha at the moment:

eglibc FTBFS, I've just filed a bug upstream as:

pygobject FTBFS but at the moment it fails on a number of arches so current
build logs may obscure the Alpha specific failure.  This is probably
ultimately the reason why gdm3 can't be built.

iceweasel/xulrunner FTBFS, meaning packagekit can't be built, which also
has a flow on effect to building other packages.  Fortunately the failure
is not Alpha specific and affects some official arches including stable
updates so presumably others are working on this one.


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