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decommissioned AlphaServer

Dear debian-alpha list,

We have here a bunch of decommissioned AlpaServer (two DS20E and at
least one more server, model unknown for now). I don't know if they are
working properly (I think it's tireless, but they are not used for a few
years) but it may be interesting at least for spare parts.

Some administrative details now: these computers are now the property of
a French research lab but are going to be decommissioned (/sortis
d'inventaire/ in the French administrative language). There are two
possibles outcomes after this procedure: it may be destroyed or given to
an association (French /Association de loi 1901/, I don't know if it may
work for a foreign organization but Debian France should be fine).

Is there some of you interested ? Answers should be given in the next
few days to avoid the garbage collector. I can try answer to some
questions with respect to my free time.



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