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Wanted: BA610-6D for goedel.debian.org


I'm the happy owner of the decommissioned former "goedel.debian.org"
DS20E build server. (Thanks Thimo again for the easy and close
handover of that beast!)

This machine has done a good job in the past years and I would like to
revive it and let it do some work again. I've already spent her a new
SmartArray 5304, DEGPA
 and some proper disks are waiting in the drawer to replace the
current 4x18.2Gb (RZ2ED-LS) disks which make quite some noise. To make
most out of those disks, I'm looking for:

1x 30-50802-01 - BA610-6D disk cage to host 6x 1" disks
1x 3R-A1629-AA - daughter board / SCSI environmental card
1x 17-03971-11 - cable to connect the disk cage with daughter board

to replace the current BA610-4D disk cage.

If anyone has such a BA610-6D (plus daughter board) to give away,
please let me know. A decommissioned DS20E, ES40, ES45, DS25 waiting
to be dumped would also be welcome.


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