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Re: iceweasel issues (update)

On 19/08/12 04:13, Bob Tracy wrote:
On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 11:04:14PM +1200, Michael Cree wrote:
I have finally got iceweasel version 10.0.6esr-2 to build and have
uploaded to debian-ports unreleased.  I then discovered it still has the
madvise infinite looping problem, and have only just now found out about
a workaround, so feel free to get down the source to iceweasel (make
sure you get version 10.0.6esr-2+alpha) and get the patch from:


modify the test for __powerpc__ to __alpha__, apply it, and build and
try that.

I'll give it a shot at some point over the next few days.  Good to hear
from you again.  It has been a while...

The fix is working for me. I now have a working iceweasel. Icedove also needs the same patch; with that I also have a working icedove.

Slightly related to the above, I've *finally* caught up with all the
updates for unstable on Alpha.  Haven't done much as far as actually
testing any of it to see if I've still got a working graphical

Gdm/Gnome is broken. Bombs out on my Alpha before it even gets to the login window. Bug #681195.

KDE is working nicely so I am using that.


Sent from my Alpha -- first message (other than a test message earlier today) in quite some time!

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