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Re: iceweasel issues (update)

Hi Bob,

On 27/04/2012, at 12:09 PM, Bob Tracy wrote:
A few moons later, we've got an updated lower bound (release that
works): 9.0.1.  Built it with optimization, and it works fine -- no
lockups.  The first release version that *doesn't* work is 10.0, so
we're closing in on the problem.  All releases >= 10.0 are currently
broken on Alpha.

As far as optimization vs. no optimization, the only difference I
currently note is that the old "nsThreadUtils*" patches are required to
get a non-optimized build to succeed.  I have no explanation for this,
but without those patches, a non-optimized build will fail. To say the
least, this is bothersome...

I am fairly certain that the crash is this:


The backtraces I got all ended in madvise() --- which is what the bug report is about.

A number of a new iceweasel versions have been uploaded to unstable but they all fail to build on the buildds because we are still waiting for the fixes for:


to be applied. Thus to get a new iceweasel version I have to manually build it with the fixes and upload to the debian-ports unreleased distribution. I might be able to do that again with the latest iceweasel that is in unstable this weekend.


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