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Bug#670571: gcc-4.7 FTBFS on Alpha: gcc multiarch config needs tweak.

Source: gcc-4.7
Version: 4.7.0-4
Severity: Important
User: debian-alpha@lists.debian.org
Usertags: alpha
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-alpha@lists.debian.org

gcc-4.7 FTBFS on Alpha with the following error:

/«PKGBUILDDIR»/build/./gcc/xgcc -B/«PKGBUILDDIR»/build/./gcc/
-B/usr/alpha-linux-gnu/bin/ -B/usr/alpha-linux-gnu/lib/ -isystem
/usr/alpha-linux-gnu/include -isystem /usr/alpha-linux-gnu/sys-include
  -g -O2 -mieee -O2  -g -O2 -mieee -DIN_GCC   -W -Wall -Wwrite-strings
-Wcast-qual -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes
-Wold-style-definition  -isystem ./include   -fPIC -mieee -g
-DIN_LIBGCC2 -fbuilding-libgcc -fno-stack-protector   -fPIC -mieee -I.
-I. -I../.././gcc -I../../../src/libgcc -I../../../src/libgcc/.
-I../../../src/libgcc/../gcc -I../../../src/libgcc/../include
-DHAVE_CC_TLS  -o _ashldi3.o -MT _ashldi3.o -MD -MP -MF _ashldi3.dep
-DL_ashldi3 -c ../../../src/libgcc/libgcc2.c -fvisibility=hidden
In file included from /usr/include/stdio.h:28:0,
                 from ../../../src/libgcc/../gcc/tsystem.h:88,
                 from ../../../src/libgcc/libgcc2.c:29:
/usr/include/features.h:323:26: fatal error: bits/predefs.h: No such
file or directory

I suggest the following fix:

--- a/src/gcc/config.gcc	2012-04-25 19:35:37.000000000 +1200
+++ b/src/gcc/config.gcc	2012-04-26 22:28:42.000000000 +1200
@@ -767,6 +767,7 @@
 case ${target} in
 	tm_file="${tm_file} alpha/elf.h alpha/linux.h alpha/linux-elf.h
+	tmake_file="${tmake_file} alpha/t-linux"
 	extra_options="${extra_options} alpha/elf.opt"

With that my test build of gcc-4.7 has past the previous point of
failure and is in the test suite as I write this.


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