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Re: KDE broken again

On Sun, Apr 01, 2012 at 01:07:20PM +1200, Michael Cree wrote:
> Note that qt4-x11 at version 4.7.4-3 has just been built and is now
> installed at debian-ports.  You might like to try upgrading to see if
> that makes any difference.

Grabbing the updated packages now...  I'll let you know.

Unrelated to KDE, I mentioned a few days ago an issue with /var/run/utmp
not getting updated for logins on virtual consoles.  utmp gets updated
properly for logins on pseudo ttys: it's just the console logins that
don't show up when I type "who".

Are you seeing this, or is it just something screwy with my setup?  If
the latter, I'm not sure how something this basic gets broken.  If your
"who" command is showing logins on tty[1-6] correctly (assuming you have
those consoles enabled), kindly forward me a copy of one of the
applicable /etc/inittab entries: maybe it's an "getty arguments" thing.


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