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Re: KDE broken again

On 30/03/12 08:22, Michael Cree wrote:
> On 30/03/12 01:44, Bob Tracy wrote:
>> I don't know exactly when things broke, as it has been a good while
>> since I've had the time to do much with the Alpha. [...]
>> Both plasma-desktop and kderunner are
>> crashing during startup, and the crashes resemble what I was seeing many
>> weeks ago when we were fighting "qt4-x11" optimized build issues.
> KDE 4.7 was built and installed to debian-ports about a week ago.  And I
> have also seen the crash of plasma-desktop and kderunner appear after
> the upgrade to KDE 4.7.

Note that qt4-x11 at version 4.7.4-3 has just been built and is now
installed at debian-ports.  You might like to try upgrading to see if
that makes any difference.


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