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KDE4 testing notes

I don't suppose the fact that the major graphical environments are less
than svelte is much of a revelation, but if people are wanting to run
them on older hardware, it's presumably useful to know at least roughly
what the minimum hardware requirements are.  Anyway, here's another
data point for the community's consideration.

I recently mentioned wanting additional RAM in my PWS in the context
of being able to do larger package builds more efficiently.  As it turns
out, you really want at least a gigabyte of RAM (maybe more, but 576 MB
is clearly inadequate) to run the plasma desktop *and* be able to do
almost anything else without the system paging itself to death :-(.  I
discovered this yesterday while running "apt-get upgrade" in a Konsole
window when one of the updated packages ran Gconf-2 as one of the post-
installation steps.  The system was unresponsive during that part of the
installation except for being able to ping it.  When Gconf-2 exited,
everything returned to normal.


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