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Re: pulseaudio mutex bug reported

On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 06:43:06PM +1300, Michael Cree wrote:
> On 25/11/11 17:25, Bob Tracy wrote:
> > BEWARE the recent "udev" upgrade: it suffers from the same problem as
> > the previous version -- the stubbed-out syscalls.
> The problem is not in udev.

That's a technicality :-).  "udev" was built with the include files for
a version of libc that has the "missing" syscalls stubbed-out.  Yes, the
syscalls are in current kernel.org kernels, but as you point out, until
we get them added to libc, udev upgrades will continue to be an issue.
When they get added to libc, I suspect we'll need a new build of udev
against the new library.

Regardless, as you have advised in the past, Alpha users with working
systems need to put a hold on "udev" (to keep it from being upgraded)
for the time being.  If people don't want to do *that*, you can live
dangerously as I do:

Keep a separate copy of a working "/sbin/udevd" handy.  When a udev
upgrade gets installed, you can boot the machine with the extra kernel
command-line argument "init=/bin/sh", do a
"mount /dev/whatever / -o remount,rw", and copy your saved "udevd"
on top of the new version.  So far, I've gotten away with doing this
because the old "udevd" continues to work with the new udev shared
libraries.  (Why the #$%@! does an executable under "/sbin" have any
dependencies on shared libraries, eh?  Someone ought to report that as
a bug.)


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