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Re: pulseaudio mutex bug reported

On 25/11/11 17:25, Bob Tracy wrote:
> BEWARE the recent "udev" upgrade: it suffers from the same problem as
> the previous version -- the stubbed-out syscalls.

The problem is not in udev.

The problem is in the kernel and libc6.1.  If you are running a 3.2-rcX
kernel from kernel.org or a 3.1.1-X kernel (from Debian when we get a
successful build) then you have fixed the kernel.  Then we also need to
rebuild libc6.1 with the new kernel headers (which won't happen until we
get the Debian kernel built).  Once you have the new kernel and the new
libc6.1 installed you can allow udev to upgrade and it will then work.

Nevertheless the warning to beware any udev upgrade before we get the
other components fixed is very apt!


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