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Re: multiple KDE segfault issues

On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 11:55:59PM -0600, Bob Tracy wrote:
> (...)
> Separate from the optimizer issue, KMS bugs apparently *not* specific to
> Alpha are being seen by others, and they are seeing black screens, system
> freezes, etc., same as I am.
> Bottom line: I have high hopes of having a working KDE4 environment on
> Alpha before much longer, because the KMS issues are being actively
> worked at high priority (due to them showing up on supported
> architectures :-)).

Just to eliminate KMS as a problem source and be able to perform a bit
more KDE4 testing, I used FreeNX this morning to login remotely.  The
plasma desktop looks *good* -- pretty much as I've gotten used to on my
Kubuntu machines.  So far, everything is rock-solid stable.  I've
resized the default desktop folder window, started a Konsole session and
resized *that* window, and now have Iceweasel running as well.  I'm
satisfied that KDE4 works and is stable on Alpha as long as the
"qt4-x11" source package is built without optimization ("-O0" instead of
the default "-O2").

Question for the community: how shall I report this upstream?  I'm
tempted to work this on two fronts: report the workaround to the
"qt4-x11" source package maintainer, and report the bug to the compiler
maintainers.  The problem with the latter is, they're going to want a
small test case that illustrates the bug: still don't know how I'm going
to help the developers focus their debugging efforts a bit.  Any help
here would be greatly appreciated.


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