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multiple KDE segfault issues

I figured the subject was probably as good a summary of what I'm seeing
as anything else...  Here's the observed current state of the major graphical
environments on Alpha:

(1) Gnome-3
    "gdm3" works.  After login, screen is black except for mouse pointer.
    Logging in remotely and looking at the various running processes, it
    appears that everything is working more-or-less the way it's
    supposed to except for nothing showing up on the console.  Note: KMS
    is required, else, you get the gnome-fallback session (gnome-2).  On
    the plus side, Gnome-3 no longer crashes my system :-).

(2) KDE4
    "kdm" currently segfaults during kdm-greeting.  To reproduce, enter
    your login name and tab to the password entry field: "kdm" will
    immediately segfault and reinitialize.  Using "gdm3" to access the
    KDE4 environment works a bit better :-).  Once logged in,
    "plasma-desktop" segfaults after doing almost anything, including
    clicking on the "K" menu and then any submenu such as "System".
    The common items showing up in the stack backtraces for both "kdm"
    and "plasma-desktop" are QT4 functions: this smells like the same
    g++ optimizer bug that kills programs based on "libxul.so", e.g.,

qt4-X11_4.7.3 is a 204 MB source package, and probably complex enough to
trigger whatever compiler bugs may be lurking about.  Current thought is
to try a non-optimized build and see if that cures most of the KDE4
segfault issues.  Default Alpha compiler is still version 4.4 rather
than 4.6.  I don't know that 4.6 fixes any optimizer issues.  For what
it's worth, I'm still looking for a relatively small test case that will
consistently trigger the optimizer bug: it's a little difficult to get
the compiler people to treat your bug report seriously when you're
asking them to compare two 20+MB libraries and look for significant
differences :-).

For now, if anyone else is running "sid" and can confirm what I'm seeing
with "kdm", that would be a good start.  You'll have to edit
"/etc/X11/default-display-manager" to specify "/usr/bin/kdm" if you're
currently using either "gdm" or "gdm3".  Thanks in advance.


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