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Re: Beware of new udev

On 26/09/11 06:42, Uwe Schindler wrote:
> Do you have linux-image-3.0-alpha-generic ? I am also upgrading, but want to
> make sure I don't break my udev, but maybe it works with 3.0 already?

Yes, I have linux-image-3.0-alpha-generic, nevertheless I was actually
running a self-compiled kernel.org 3.0.4 kernel.

I suspect it is either a libc6.1 issue or a kernel issue.  Udev is
calling the access4() function which is returning the 'Not implemented'
error code.  I note that the eglibc source has a test for kernel version
2.6.33-rc4 for the access4 kernel syscall.  We are running a modified
2.6.32 kernel on the build daemons (primarily modified from the
lenny-backports version to include all syscalls that it should have),
but that shouldn't be a problem as the linux-2.6.38 headers were
installed, which should enable the access4() function implementation.  I
shall investigate further.


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